DHT Tracking Service

Our specially designed service can track DHT protol to track how customers' digital assets are being shared

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DHT Tracker

Manual traffic tracking is almost impossible and time consuming. Even harder when there are de-centralized file sharing protocol such as, BitTorrent, which being widely used nowadays.

However, BitTorrent have its unique feature called DHT, Distributed Hash Table, network for fast download through simple magnet code. Therefore, once system could track download status through DHT network tracking feature, our users could track all the download status by simple clieks.

About this Service

As you may find from the diagram, the DHT network contains datasets with randomly generated keys. Once the data shared in the BitTorrent network, the hash generating algorithm will assign the hash keys to the data.

Our system tracks those hashes in the distributed network and record which IP address requested download of the specific file.

  • Once our system receive request from users to track specific file, it might take some time to process request as the different files have different hash code.
  • We fully follows various personal information protection regulations, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).