Statistics Service

Detailed and easy-to-use statistics services are prepared for our users.

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Statistics Service

Our statistics service is the key feature that customer will usually use. Therefore, we put serious effort for the layout and GUI in the control pannel. Simple modification based on the feature block system is also possible for customers' any specific demands.

About this Service

If the system only stores a bunch of datasets in its database will neither be useful nor regarded as analytical data. Moreover, processing massive data manually is very inefficient and expensive.

Therefore, we are developing the AI-based analyzing module that will suggest the most accurate trend and forecast, letting copyright holders act more efficiently. At the same time, eye-catching and easy to use dashboard system is in the early development process. This dashboard will be accessible from all major browsers and customers will be able to get legal advisory easily through simple clicks.

  • Only small business and professional plan users could enjoy advanced AI algorithm based estimation feature and detailed statistics feature of our service.
  • Control pannel could be modified depend on the customers' request but additional fee might be charged depend on the project size.